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Daniel Radcliffe Says The 'Friend Zone' Is A Male Invention

After reading this article and the comments, I wanted to give my own opinion on the friend zone. I’m also heavily borrowing from one of the comments and I’ll quote them.

From Janine O’Flaherty 

The hard truth is,

"Women *prefer* to date men they feel close to and get along with. If she’s your friend and she’s not dating you, it’s either because she 1) is waiting for you to make a move on her, 2) already has the hots for someone else, or 3) just isn’t attracted to you. None of those things have anything to do with your friendship. Women also feed the fiction by giving guys these BS excuses as to why they won’t date them, in order to spare their feelings. “Oh, Bob, I could never date you. I see you as a brother!” What Bob thinks: “I’ve become so friendly with her that she’s stopped seeing me as a man and started seeing me as a family member. I blew my chance!” What she actually means: “I like you as a person, Bob, but you’re just not my type. You *never* had a chance. I’m just too polite to say it outright.” (Or if he did initially have a chance, then as she got to know him, she discovered things about him that were turn-offs, so she lost interest.)”

This whole ideal comes down to both men and women, because both sexes use the term, coming up with an excuse for rejection. I believe the term is “friend zone” is used in response because that is what is used in the excuses for one person rejecting another. “I think of you as more of a friend”, “I don’t want this to complicate our friendship”. Now, I don’t blame anyone for using these excuses because no one really wants to hear the truth outright, and if the two people are actually friends neither one want to hurt one another.

Now the sexist part of the matter, where people have gotten all heated by the topic is when the rejected individual, again mostly men, starts to blame and criticizes the other person for making a choice they had a right to make. Everyone has the right to say yes and no, and those who take the rejection to far and start to harm the other person need to be stopped.

So, do I think it is a sexist term that needs to go away? Not entirely. Regardless of what is said or done people need some form of ego boost to deal with rejection and the term “friend zone” is one of those. What need to be stopped SPECIFICALLY is the individuals are using the term in a way that harms another.

As I say about a lot of different issues, most things cannot be generalized, and anything can be abused and used in a bad way. With the “friend zone”, If the term comes out when your rejected and your just saying it to say something then, I don’t think you should be labeled a sexist and criminalized. However, the opposite plays affect if when your rejected to blame and try to harm the other person.

To those who oppose me, I hope you don’t consider me a sexist just because I don’t support your claims, because I am 100% not. I just prefer to target the root of the problem, not too generalize, and to continue to support equality. I have used this term before, after I was rejected, but I never call her a bitch or a slut or tried to blame her in anyway. I was hurt and I used the term to counteract that, and I’m sure plenty of others use it in that way. I apologize if have offended anyone by using this term, but I can’t believe that I deserve the hate and title of “Sexist” by doing so.

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